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Road Saftey Equipment
Road Saftey Equipment
Road Saftey Equipment

Extra safety devices for the driver

are a whole new animal, when the truck comes in for service.

Announcing the Mirror Mitt™ by Diversified Specialties

The Mirror Mitt, is a safe way of protecting technician's working on and walking around the trucks as they are being serviced.

The Mirror Mitts™ consist of :

Two thick pieces of moisture proof, OSHA yellow foam, bonded together with Velcro One-wrap, and a large safety message printed on both sides.

The Mirror Mitt™ is hard to ignore!



A soft solution for a hard surface!

Your Knees Will Thank You for it!!

The Mirror Mitt™ is an excellent way to:
•Reduce work related injuries!
Increase productivity!
Reduce the number of workers' compensation claims!

Show inspectors that you are safety conscious in your workplace,
  which helps make the inspection process easier on your company!

Results: Saves your company both Time and Money!!


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As seen in Transport Topics, Land Line Magazine and was displayed
at the 2003 Great American Trucking show in Dallas, Texas.


The Cost(s) of one Workers Comp Claim,
     Which also includes Lost Time, Lost Productivity, and the difference between
     an on time delivery.....or not!!!

And most importantly.....
     A Year End Bonus that could have been made...
Are far greater, than outfitting your workplace with Mirror Mitts and Knee Pads.

These products show your employees that you are concerned about their safety
and comfort in your workplace.

* "For every dollar that companies spend on these programs, they save four. By keeping people safer, they pay less in workers' compensation costs and save money because they operate more efficiently. If their best people aren't out and injured, they don't have to use replacements. They keep more money in their pocket in the long term if they have a safety program. It's very cost-effective."

Quote appeared in Successful Promotions Magazine. Editor, Michele Bell.

Warning: Keep away from open flames.



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